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Slovenian - English Translations

If you require a Slovenian - English translation then you have found your right partner! Our translation agency will assist you from the minute you order your translation to the minute it is delivered.

Our Slovenian - English translators all translate into their respective native language and are specialised in their respective fields. Using this "native speaker" principle we guarantee we can provide you with a translation which is both linguistically correct and correct in terms of content.

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Slovenian/English translations

Translating from Slovenian into English is extremely challenging and must be carried out carefully and precisely. The translator must have enough qualifications and experience to be able to produce reliable and accurate translations. All translators in our translation agency fulfil these criteria and can deliver satisfactory Slovenian - English or English - Slovenian translations.


Our many years experience with our translators and interpreters means we can always find the right translator for your individual Slovenian - English translation. Our specialist areas range from technology, architechture, science, art and literature. Our certified translators translate documents such as birth certificates, driving licences and rent contracts.

We interpret for you!

Translation Slovenian English, Slovenian Translator, Translations Slovenian Interpreters

You can benefit from the experience of our translation service with Slovenian - English interpreters both here and abroad!

We can provide you with Slovenian - English interpreters for your conventions, international trade fairs, business negotiations, sightseeing tours, telephone marketing and much more. We will adapt to your wishes and advise you as far as interpreting is concerned. Do you require a Slovenian - English conference or simultaneous interpreter or do you need a sworn interpreter to assist you in a court proceeding? Do not hesitate to contact us with your request!

Our translation agency


Slovenia is a small country but one that is very important for Europe! In 2004 Slovenia became a member state of the European Union and is an important partner in terms of international relations. Even though a lot of international commerce is dealt with in English today, it is still helpful for your business to have a Slovenian - English or English - Slovenian interpreter or translator whom it can rely on to translate documents and texts.

Our translation office offers professional translations from Slovenian into the following languages:

Slovenian -> English translations
Slovenian -> German translations
Slovenian -> Spanish translations
Slovenian -> Italian translations

The following subject areas are only some of our areas of expertise: technology, architecture, literature, art and culture, cinema, contracts and certificates...

Other subject areas...

A translator is not simply someone who is linguistically skilled but must also be able to work with complex texts in order to deliver an accurate translation: the banking system, medicine, the car industry, construction, aeronautical engineering, chemisty, software, energy economy, the food industry, finance, biotechnology, telecommunications and legal documents.

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Translation Slovenian English, Slovenian Translator, Translations Slovenian Interpreters