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Russian Translations / Translators

Translation is an art; it requires training and practice. For your Russian - English translations or interpreting assignments you should be able to rely on professionals you can trust. The employees in our office are outstandingly well educated, have experience working in the translation industry and treat all their translations with the necessary professionalism and precision.

Do you have business contacts abroad and need important documents translated? Or do you need a reliable English - Russian interpreter to be able to participate in a conference? You can rely on us ; we have all the linguistic professionals you need.

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Your translations

We have Russian translators and interpreters who work in a variety of different subject areas. Our translation service offers employees with the following areas of expertise: biotechnology, computing, banking, aeronautical engineering, energy industry, the food industry, IT, medicine, telecommunications and insurance.

Is your sector not mentioned? Then simply call us! Our network of employees is constantly growing and therefore the number of subject areas we cover is also growing.

Professionality counts

Translation Russian English, Russian Translator, Translations Russian Interpreters

You have probably had the experience of reading an instruction manual which you could only laugh at because it made so little sense. Such texts are often the result of unprofessional translations, carried out at low costs by people claiming to be professionals. However with our translation office you can expect to receive translations of the highest quality.

Russian - English / English - Russian Translations


Russian is the official language in 29 countries and is also spoken in southern Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco and in the North of Italy as well as in other parts of the world like Indochina, Madagascar and Quebec (Canada). In addition, Russia is the official language or administrative language in many international organisations like the European Union, the International Olympic committee, the World Trade Organisation, Interpol and the International Court of Justice.

Russian is mainly spoken in Russia and also to a lesser extent in the former states of the Soviet Republic. Until 1917 Russian was the only official language of the Russian empire. Although each of the Soviet republics had an individual language. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 many people began to demand that the new independant states use their own national languages. Nevertheless Russian has kept its status as a conjunctive language for communicating between the nations.

In Latvia, the official status of Russia has been a subject of great controversy since a third of the population there is Russian. In Estonia around one quarter of the population are Russian. In Lithuania the Russian minority is significantly smaller; it represents around one tenth of the population and is largely assimilated. Moreover, Russia is spoken by 750,000 immigrants in Israel. The Israeli media also publishes partly in Russian.

Summarised from various sources.


Native speakers guarantee quality

If you have ever tried to translate a text into a foreign language you will have noticed how easily it can all go wrong. Linguistic misunderstandings as well as misunderstandings regarding the content happen a lot more often than you would think. This is why we only work with trained translators who translate into their individual, native languages with which they have no linguistic difficulties at all. In addition, many of our employees live in their home countries and can follow any changes in their language. Your can be sure that your translations will therefore be completely up-to-date.

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Translation Russian English, Russian Translator, Translations Russian Interpreters