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Medical Translations

Does your company or organisation require a professional medical translation? Then contact our translation team today!

We are an international translation agency with many years experience and an excellent network of specialised translators. Medical cures are similar world-wide; languages are not. We have the necessary market knowledge as well as the resources to translate your text to the best possible standard.

Please feel free to contact our office for more information:

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Your Translations

We translate:


  • Multimedia medical software

  • Medical documents

  • Prescriptions

  • Instruction manuals for equipment or software

  • Medical hand books, brochures and software

  • Clinical, toxicological, pharmaceutical and biological documents

Professional Translations

For us to be able to carry out your translation as quickly and as simply as possible we require the following information:

  • source and target language
  • delivery date
  • size of the translation
  • subject area

Software Translations English German, Translation, Software Translation French

Our translation office offers professional translations in the subject area and the language of your choice like:

German -> English medical translations
French -> English medical translations
Spanish -> English medical translations
Italian -> English medical translations

Your Documents


Whether your documents should be translated into English, Japanese or French, the translation of medical texts requires more than just excellent knowledge of the target language. It is also equally important that the translator is familiar with the country-specific terminology as well as being completely up-to-date with any new terminology.

When it comes to selecting translators we make sure that they have a significant number of years experience in the medical field as well as obviously their professional education. We have doctors, medical technicians and medical assistants translating for us.

As far as medical translations are concerned the accuracy of the terminology, alongside the linguistic correctness is essential. Some of our medical fields are: general medicine, surgery, anesthesia, orthopedics, plastic surgery, veterinary medicine, dentistry and many other fields.



The largest part of medical reseach literature is written in English or German. These languages are distributed across the world but are not spoken in every country. Accurate translations are the basic requirement so that your medical products and research results can be used world-wide. We can help your business reach its potential!

Whether you want to launch a new medicine onto the market in China or want to publish your research results in Italy, we have the experience and resources necessary to be able to translate your documents perfectly.


Medical Translations English German, Translation, Medical Translation French