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Japanese Interpreters and Translators

Our translation agency has the professional Japanese interpreter or translator you need! We can provide you with someone who can translate and interpret into or from Japanese and who is also familiar with your company's subject area. Are you interested in Japanese - English or English - Japanese translations? Then you should call our language service for more information!

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Your Translations

Are you looking for a translation which is correct, linguistically flawless, corresponds to the source text and sounds stylistically perfect? Well we always strive to fulfil these expectations. Your Japanese translation will always be translated by a native speaker so that it is both linguistically and stylistically accurate. Any translators who work for us also have additional qualifications which they require for translating. This includes subject specific additional qualifications and obviously a university degree. In order to be even more certain that mistakes do not creep into your translation, it is proof-read by a second, equally well-qualified translator.

Experienced Translators

Translation Japanese English, Japanese Translator, Translations Japanese Interpreters

Interpreters and translators must be well educated in order to be able to perform well. We therefore pay special attention to the qualifications that our employees have. We try to employ professionals with a lot of experience because we know with experience comes quality and speed.

General Information about Japanese


Japanese is spoken by around 127 Million people worldwide. Although it is mainly spoken in Japan, it is spoken by Japanese immigrants who live all around the world. Japanese belongs to the agglutinative languages with a complex system of polite forms which are expressed by various hierarchies within the Japanese society.

During the past 1,500 years the Japanese vocabulary has been strongly influenced by the Chinese language. The origins of the Japanese language are however still uncertain. A number of similarities and connections can be seen between Japanese and other languages. The most common theories are as follows: Japanese is related to languages which have died off e.g. ones which were previously spoken in Korea and Manchuria, Japanese is related to Korean, Japanese is a creole language, possibly with Austronesian components, Japanese is a purely Austronesian language or that Japanese is related to Tamil.

During the time of the Japanese occupation of Korea, Taiwan, parts China and various pacific islands the inhabitants of these areas were forced to learn Japanese. Even today a certain percentage of the population in these areas speaks Japanese in addition or instead of the national language. The Japanese immigrants often speak Japanese as a first language and use it to communicate daily. The biggest conglomeration of Japanese immigrants is in Brasil. Australia and the United States, particularly California and Hawaii follow. However, the second generation of immigrants seldom speak fluent Japanese.

Before the 5th centruy the Japanese did not have their own writing system. After coming into contact with the Chinese culture through Korean monks and scholars they acquired the Chinese writing system as well as other aspects of the Chinese culture. Over time, a Japanese system developed from this. The Chinese symbols were used in order to write Chinese loan words or Japanese words with the same meaning. Today Japanese school pupils begin to learn Kanji in the first year of school.


Specialist Translations

We have a large global network of Japanese professionals who can either translate from or into English. All of our employees specialise if different subject areas, some of which are the car industry, banking, aeronatuical engineering, chemistry, IT, food industry, medicine, software, computing, electronics, or the pharmaceutical industry. We also have Japanese specialists in legal, advertising and financial texts.

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Translation Japanese English, Japanese Translator, Translations Japanese Interpreters