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German Translations / English Translations

Is your company or organisation looking for a professional translator or interpreter for German? Then don't hesitate to contact our translation team!

Our translation office is your direct route to success. Since good translators are not easy to find, get in contact with us and we can pass your translation onto the most appropriate translator for you. These translators are experts in their field. What particularly stands out with our translators is that they possess the additional qualifications which allow them to produce perfect translations (German - English and English - German) both in terms of grammar and content. When it comes to top-quality translations then we are always up-to-date. Feel free to get in contact with our team if you have any other questions.

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Your Translations

There are many types of texts and each demands different skills from the translator. In the case of specialised texts it is important that the translator is also familiar with the subject area, therefore we expect our employees to be able to work with different specialist areas. This means they can understand the source text more easily and allows them to possess the respective knowledge about the terminology. If you require a translation dealing with the areas: chemistry, computing, construction, biotechnology, food industry, IT, medicine, electrical industry, aeronatuical engineering, energy sector, the banking system, software, telecommunications, law or advertising then we will find you a translator (or interpreter) who knows the area inside out.

Professional Translations

Translation German English, German Translator, Translations German Interpreters

For you as a company, professional translations are becoming increasingly important and the demand for German interpreters is growing. It is important that you can rely on interpreters when it comes to situations like business negotiations. Therefore only trained and qualified interpreters should be contracted to important tasks. Whether it be English - German or German - English we know the best interpreters and translators! Our translation company also offers other language combinations - simply call us for more information!

General Information about German


The German language is primarily spoken in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and in the East of Belgium and by minority groups in some Central European countries. In the English speaking world it is the third most taught foreign language, after French and Spanish. It is the most commonly spoken native language in the European Union and is in the ten most important languages in the world.

In Germany the media and all written work is produced in standard German which is understood in all areas where German in spoken. However standard German can differ from region to region both in terms of vocabulary and pronounciation. This variation must not be confused with the variation of local dialects.

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Translation German English, German Translator, Translations German Interpreters