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Translators/Interpreters for French

Translating and interpreting are skills which must be learned. In order to avoid mistakes in translated texts you should only work with trained and qualified translators. Our language service offers you exactly this. Our translation team can provide you with translators and interpreters (French - English as well as English - French), who are accredited linguists with a formal education in translating or interpreting. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

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Translation Service

The demand for translation and interpreting services from authorities and companies is growing significantly. For international business relations it is important to be able to hold meetings and negotiations in various languages. An interpreter assigned by our translation office can seriously help in this regard. Our French translators also translate contracts and certificates professionally.

Professional Translators

Our translation office can provide you with a professional French translation in the following language combinations:

French -> English translations
French -> German translations
French -> Spanish translations
French -> Italian translations

Translation French English, French Translator, Translations French Interpreters

French - English / English - French Translations


A good translation does not only require a perfect command of the target language but it also requires the translator to understand the source text perfectly, especially in terms of content. The translator must be able to understand the text which he has to translate. Therefore our translators and interpreters have all had additional training in various specialist areas. A bad translation can seriously damage your business's reputation. Do not take any risks, let our translation team help you!

We guarantee you will receive satisfactory translations from our translation service. Your documents will always be translated by native speakers. This means that a Frenchman (or someone with French as their native language) will work on the translations for example from German into French or English into French. In the case of languages which are spoken in various countries, you should specify the exact region so that you can receive the best possible translation.

General Information about French

After Spanish and Portuguese, French is the third most commonly spoken Roman language. Around 90 million people speak French as their native language and in total 182 million people in the world speak French, including those who use French daily as a second language. In addition there are 82 million people across the world who are learning French. The language is in general the 15th most spoken language. French is the official language of 29 countries as well as being an official language of the UN.

French is also spoken in southern Belgium, Switzerland, in Luxembourg, Monaco, the northwest of Italy (Aostatal) as well as in French-speaking parts of Africa and other parts of the world like French-Guayana, Northwest Africa, Indochina, Haiti, Madagascar and Quebec. French is also the official language or administrative language of many international organisations like the European Union, the International Olympic Committee, the World Trade Organisation, Interpol and the International Court of Justice.

In the 12th and 13th century French was in use all over Europe and it was modern to speak French and teach it to children in schools. French became a competitor for the English language especially in terms of a language of literature and culture. In 1539 French became the official national language of the country. The founding of the French Academy by Cardinal Richelieu in 1634 finally created an institution whose aim was to maintain and purify the French language. This institution still exists today. From the 17th - 19th century France was the leading nation in Europe. During this time French became the European Lingua Franca , especially in the areas of art, literature and diplomacy.

Summarised from various sources.

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Translation French English, French Translator, Translations French Interpreters