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Czech Translators and Interpreters

Today the world of business is becoming ever more international and as a result, translating and interpreting services are becoming increasingly important. Our translation agency can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our services!

If you cooperate with us, we will help you strengthen your international relations and help your business reach its full potential. We provide translators and interpreters (Czech - English as well as English - Czech) who are all highly qualified. You can rely on our experience.

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Your Translations

A translation requires much more than just knowledge of the foreign language. The respective specialist knowledge should also be at hand when translating. As for interpreters, they must also be flexible in terms of their work and possess the skills needed to change between 2 languages in a matter of seconds. Therefore it is extremely important for our translation agency that we only work with experienced translators and interpreters who can meet our demands. We understand how important the reputation of a business is and how poor translations can cost a business a lot of money, time and effort.

Many Areas of Expertise

Translation Czech English, Czech Translator, Translations Czech Interpreters

The services translators and interpreters provide are vital for businesses if they want to push their own products and services on the international market. Or even if you are a private customer looking for a translation service, you should only send your translation to a translation agency that works with qualified employees. Our Czech - English and English - Czech translators specialise in their own areas of expertise, some of which are: medicine, law, economy and tourism.

General information about the Czech language


The Czech language belongs to the West Slavic languages along with Slovakian, Polish, Pomeranian and Sorbian. It is spoken by the majority of the population in the Czech Republic as well as by other Czechs around the world. The language has a total of around 12 million native speakers. There are also Czech minorities in the United States, Canada, Germany and Slovakia. Czech is very similar to Slovakian as well as Polish, although to a lesser extent. Most Czechs and Slovakians can understand each other well enough since both languages were used in TV and radio up until the division of Czechoslovakia in 1993. Any Czechs born after 1993, however, have some problems understanding the language when it is spoken quickly.

Czech is considered a very difficult language due to the complex morphology, flection and vocabulary. The Czech morphology is very irregular and in addition many words have colloquial forms. Nouns, adjectives, pronouns and numbers are declined in the Czech language (there are 7cases) and verbs are conjugated.


Skilled Translators

All our Czech translators as well as project managers concentate on their own individual subject areas, which means that many of them have had further education or training in the area of expertise.

Our translation company works with a large global network of translators and interpreters who are not only linguistically capable but also have the required knowledge in terms of the subject area. Some of these fields are chemisty, IT, software, the food industry, communication and insurance.

Translation Czech English, Czech Translator, Translations Czech Interpreters

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