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Technical Translations

Is your company or organisation looking for a professional translation of a technical text? Then you have come to the right place! Our translation agency can help your business succeed!

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Your Translations

Your translations are carried out by native speaker employees who specialise in their own fields. Each technical translation is carried out by one of these native speakers, many of whom also live in the respective country.

Before we can provide you with an offer we require the following information:

  • Source and target language
  • Text length or text in a marketable format
  • Order and delivery date
  • Desired final format and aims and objectives of the text

Please also mention the target country or target region since each translation also has country-specific characteristics.

Our translators are able to work with various formats.

Professional Translators

Would you like to market your technical products internationally or are you planning to launch your business onto the foreign market? First-class translations of technical documents like hand books, and manuals are necessary if your company is to be successful abroad. We are therefore more than capable of producing a technical translation of the highest quality, with which you will definately be satisfied.

Technical Translations English German, Translation, Technical Translation French

The more technical details the text to be translated has, the more important it is for us to choose a translator with the necessary background in the subject field. It is particularly important with really technical or economic texts that the translator fully understands the text which is to be translated. The contact between technical editors and translators is particularly important when it comes to technical translations. In this way translators turn to doctors for help with medical texts just like they would turn to an architect for help with the translation of brochures for a new housing project. Our team keeps these principles in mind when it comes to selecting translators and during the whole translation process we stay in close contact with yourself and with our employees. Our translation office offers professional translations in the subject area and language of your choice, e.g:

English -> German translations
English -> French translations
English -> Spanish translations
English -> Italian translations

Qualifications for technical translations


Technical translations for instruction manuals, handbooks, software programs, displays, menus and other technical documents will not be delivered unless they are of the highest quality.

So that we can deliver technical translations of this quality to you, our professional translators all have additional qualifications in addition to their translating/interpreting university qualifications. For example this can be an additional engineering degree or further techncial qualifications.

Cooperation on a regular basis

During a translation project it is always sensible to work together with a translation office or translator. This is particularly important when it comes to technical translations. The longer the cooperation lasts, the better the agency will get to know the company's terminology, its products and its business philosophy and your text will satisfy your exact wishes. In addition your translation projects will be carried out quickly and smoothly.

Our technical translators and our project managers all specialise in a certain subject area or areas. As a large translation agency we have a large network of employees at our disposal with various language combinations. Some of their areas of expertise are: the car industry, construction industry, biotechnology, chemistry, computing, electronics, IT, the food industry and aeronautical engineering. Of course, our translators also specialise in other areas such as law, advertising and finance.

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Technical Translations English German, Translation, Technical Translation French