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Polish Interpreters and Translators

Interpreting and translating do not simply require natural ability and a good command of the language. They also require experience, practice and other qualifications play an important role when it comes to the quality of work of the interpreter or translator. Simply get in touch with us if you need a Polish or English translator or interpreter. We only work with interpreters and translators who will not disappoint our customers.

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Your Translations

In order for us to be able to carry out your specialist translations without any problems we have built up a network of many interpreters and translators, some of whom specialise in the following subject areas: software, construction industry, biotechnology, chemistry, computing, the food industry, medicine and aeronautical engineering. We therefore always choose the interpreter who specialises in your field.

Translators & Interpreters


Translation Polish English, Polish Translator, Translations Polish Interpreters

Translating and interpreting requires the highest amount of concentration from our translators and interpreters. Poor results can be damaging for both you and us as a translation agency. Therefore our employees put a lot of effort into ensuring that the translations are carried out and proof-read by only the best translators. Afterall, you or your business cannot afford to be dealing with bad translations. Rely on the quality of our translation agency and we look forward to working with you.

General Information about Polish


Polish is the official language in Poland and belongs to the West Slavic group of languages. Polish was once a Lingua Franca in some parts of Central and Eastern Europe due to the then political, economical and military significance of the Polish-Lithuanian community. However, Polish lost this significance due to the fact that the Russian language spread. In terms of the vocabulary, Polish is quite similar to the Slavic languages, especially Ukraine, Russian, Czech and Slovakian.

Polish has been greatly influenced by other languages, especially by Latin, Czech, French, German, Italian and Russian. Many words have been taken from German, due to the close contact with the neighbouring country. Furthermore, some words were also taken from French during the Napoleon time. If Polish adopts loan words, this is usually accompanied by a change in spelling. Despite a homogenisation of Polish through the standardised education system, several Polish dialects still exist, especially in the South of Poland near the Czech and Slovakian border.

Polish is obviously mainly spoken in Poland; around 97% of Polish citizens speak Polish as their native language. Polish minorities also exist in neighbouring countries like Lithuania and the Ukraine. In addition there are Polish minorities in many countries across the world e.g. in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brasil, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, Latvia, Romania, Russia, in Great Britain and in the USA. In the USA there are around 9 million Polish immigrants, most of whom do not use Polish to communicate on a daily basis. In a survey carried out in the year 2000, 667,414 American citizens stated that the spoke Polish at home. This number corresponds to 25% of the American population.


Native Speaker Translators

A perfect command of the target language is really important when translating, hence the reason our translators all translate into their native language. Most of them live in their home countries and can adapt quickly to changes in the language. As a translation service provider we have enough contacts with various translators to find the right one for your order.

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Translation Polish English, Polish Translator, Translations Polish Interpreters