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Lithuanian Interpreters and Translators

Our translation agency can provide you with qualified, professional interpreters and translators who work in a wide range of language combinations. One of our main priorities when it comes to our language services is quality. In order to ensure that there are no mistakes and that no information is missing, our completed translations are always sent to a second translator for proof-reading.

We guarantee we will not let you down!

Please feel free to contact our office for more information:

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Your Translations

We can guarantee all our customers that their translations will be carried out by experienced translators who translate exclusively into their native languages. Many of our translators also work from their respective home countries, which allows them to keep up-to-date with the latest developments of their language and hence deliver you a high-quality translation.

All our interpreters and translators specialise in one or more areas of expertise, a few of which are given below:

  • Medicine

  • Technology

  • IT

  • Law

  • Food and Drink

  • Your Details

    Translation Lithuanian English, Lithuanian Translator, Translations Lithuanian Interpreters

    We will be happy to make you an offer with no obligation, however we firstly require the following information:

    • Source and target language of the translation
    • Text length or text in a marketable format
    • Order and delivery date
    • Desired final format and aims and objectives of the text
    Any other information you can give us about your desired final text would also be appreciated.

    Lithuanian - English, English - Lithuanian Translations


    Thanks to globalisation it is becoming easier for businesses to sell their products and services abroad. However, many companies find that language barriers often stand in their way. Our translation company can easily help you launch your products and services onto the international market; we can provide you with an interpreter if you need assistance at a conference or provide you with a technical translator if you want your product descriptions translated into Lithuanian.

    Our translations translate from Lithuanian into the following languages:

    Lithuanian -> English translations
    Lithuanian -> German translations
    Lithuanian -> French translations
    Lithuanian -> Italian translations
    Lithuanian -> Spanish translations


    Information on the Lithuanian Language

    Lithuanian is the official national language of Lithuania and is one of the most recognised languages in the European Union. In Lithuania itself around 2.96 million people speak Lithuanian as a native language and another 17.000 people speak the language in Poland, Ireland, Estonia, Australia, Denmark, French and Iceland. Lithuanian is a Baltic language and is closely connected with Latvian.

    Lithuanian is written with the Latin alphabet although it has been revised somewhat. Lithuanian uses around 32 different letters. The letters Q, W and X are not used in the Lithuanian language and are only seen in foreign words. The stress is very important when it comes to spoken Lithuanian and is often very relevant for the meaning of a sentence.

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