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Legal Translations

Is your company or your organisation looking for a professional legal translation? Then you have found the right translation office!

Excellent knowledge of the language and good experience are the basic requirements for an accurate, high-quality translation of your legal text. As a professional translation office with many years market experience we have a large global network of skilled translators and will make you an individual offer based on your needs every time.

Please feel free to contact our office for more information:

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Our Translations

We are happy to carry out translations of your legal documents and certificates. We translate:

  • birth certificates
  • marriageability statements
  • marriage certificates
  • divorce papers
  • university and school certificates
  • driving licences etc.
The documents named above must generally be certified. A certification of the translated documents means that the translation, just like the original document, is legal and is recognised by the appropriate authorities.

Our translation agency offers professional translations in the subject area and language combination of your choice, e.g:

German -> English legal translations
French -> English legal translations
Spanish -> English legal translations
Italian -> English legal translations

Professional Translators


Legal Translations English German, Translation, Legal Translation French


The translator, who translates the document is a legally certified translator for that target language. He officiates the translated certificates with a stamp which states "publically appointed and certified translator."

In order for us to be able to translate your legal texts as quickly and as easily as possible we require the following information:

  • source and target language
  • delivery date
  • size of the translation
  • subject area

Skilled Translators


The best possible translation of legal texts and documents does not only require excellent knowledge of the target language but also subject-specific knowledge regarding the legal system of that particular country. The contact we have to many translators means we can offer you the translation of your text in a variety of different languages.

So that we can deal with your contracts, court documents and other legal texts in the best way possible we also work with translators who specialise in a number of subject fields. Among these are: public law, private law, criminal law, employment law, building law, traffic law, contract law, commercial law and other legal areas.


We deal with your legal texts and documents confidentially and we will be happy to send you our confidentiality statement!
Whether you would like to have an employment contract, a high school certificate or a birth certificate translated - we have the experience and resources necessary to provide you with a personal, tailored offer every time. Simply get in contact with us!


Legal Translations English German, Translation, Legal Translation French


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