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Interpreting Services

Professional Interpreters - Interpreting at conferences, meetings, conventions.

Are you looking for an interpreter? Then you have come to the right place! Whether you are organising an international conference, require support telephoning abroad or would like an interpreter to interpret during a tour of your company, then we will be happy to help you! Our translation office has a large international network of professional interpreters who have a perfect command of various languages.

Our many years of experience and our contact to many interpreters allows us to create an offer for interpreting services which meets your personal requirements.

Please feel free to contact our office for more information:

Email :

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We offer simultaneous as well as consecutive interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting: Here the interpreting is delayed. The speaker speaks for a short time and the interpreter renders what has been said in the target language. This form of interpreting is particularly appropriate for small company meetings.

Simultaneous interpreting: This type of interpreting is less time consuming than consecutive interpreting and is used mainly at conferences or congresses. Here the interpreter listens to the speaker through a head-set and conveys what is being said in the target language at almost the same time. Those participating in the conference or congress listen to the interpreter through headsets.

Since simultaneous interpreting requires a lot of concentration our interpreters work in teams and regularly take turns during the conference or congress. In this way a satisfactory quality of interpreting is guaranteed throughout the assignment.

Professional Interpreters

German English Interpreters. Interpreting. Simultaneous Interpreters. Conference Interpreters. Simultaneous Interpreting

Whether you require a simultaneous interpreter or the interpreting is to be carried out consecutively, we will be happy to make you an individual offer. We have the knowledge and resources necessary in order to be able to offer you the best possible interpreting services.

Simply call us or send us an email and you will receive an offer from us.



All of our interpreters are native speakers and all have been educated in the field of interpreting or translating. In addition, most of our interpreters specialise in a specific subject area. In this way we not only guarantee satisfactory linguistic quality of interpreting but also excellent subject knowledge.

In order to use this knowledge in the best way possible our interpreters will happily work together with you according to your demands.

Your Details

In order to deal with your translation as quickly as possible we require the following information:

  • source and target language
  • if consecutive of simultaneous interpreting is required
  • number of people
  • location and date
  • duration of the assignment
  • subject area
  • type of event, assignment
  • on-site equippment

We look forward to your enquiry!

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German English Interpreters. Interpreting. Simultaneous Interpreters. Conference Interpreters. Simultaneous Interpreting