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Finnish Translations/Interpreting

As a business or a private customer, perhaps you have dealings with Finland or are hoping to in the future? If this is the case, you will definately require a good translation every now and again, or a good interpreter for negotiations or other meetings. You will find the right professionals here at our translation agency. We can organise Finnish translators and interpreters for you and make sure that they are suitable for your individual project.

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Your Translations

Your translation should be a quality product. Therefore we make sure that your document will be translated by the best translators and then subsequently proof-read by a second translator. Both translators, of course, have a perfect command of Finnish because they have grown up with the language.

We want your translation to meet your expectations therefore you have to tell us what the translation will be used for and where exactly it will be used. Finnish has regional differences which should also be taken into consideration when translating.

Professional Translators

A good translator always translates into his native language and not vice versa. This ensures linguistic perfection as well as making sure that the translation sounds authentic.

Alongside a perfect command of the language a translator must also be really familiar with the subject matter of the text. Only then can he completely understand the text and hence translate it correctly. We therefore find it extremely important that all translators have additional technical training.

Translation Finnish English, Finnish Translator, Translations Finnish Interpreters



Finnish is the official language in Finland where it is mainly spoken. However there are also people who speak Finnish as their first language in Sweden. Other countries with finnish-speaking minorities are Russia, Norway, Estonia, Canada and the USA. In Estonia Finnish plays an increasingly significant role as the first foreign language.

There are various dialects of the Finnish language, which can be roughly divided into Eastern and Western dialects. There are considerable differences between the official language and the language spoken. Formal Finnish is required in the administrative as well as literary area. In private life, at work and in TV shows which are not considered to be documentary, the spoken form of the language is used.

In general Finnish belongs to the Finno-Urgic languages, in which Hungarian and Estonian also belong. These languages are similar in terms of vocabulary and also have similar characteristics as far as grammar is concerned.


Translations in Areas of Expertise

The interpreters as well as the translators with whom we work all specialise in different subject areas. Some of these are: construction, biotechnology, car industry, banking system, chemistry, energy economy, computing, legal documents, food industry, medicine, software, telecommunications or insurance.

There are a few skills which an interpreter must have and these must be learned and practiced. Therefore we will only assign interpreters to you who have sufficient experience and a good education. They must be flexible and be able to change back and forth between 2 languages. As a customer you should be completely happy with the service our interpreter provides, therefore our translation office constantly strives to find the best interpreter to suit each customer. We therefore ask you to give us as much necessary information about your project as possible.

Our Finnish translators will be happy to take your translation order no matter what the subject area. Simply contact us by telephone or email and we can organise your translation.


Translation Finnish English, Finnish Translator, Translations Finnish Interpreters