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Dutch Translation and Interpreting Service

Whether it be an English - Dutch translation, a Dutch - German interpreter or a translator who works from Spanish into Dutch, we can offer you a varied range of language combinations. Simply get in contact with our translation agency and we'll be happy to help you find the right translator or interpreter.

The document you send us will only be passed on to the best Dutch translators. These professionals put 100% effort into producing a flawless translation and satisfying your requirements and demands. You can completely rely on our translators and interpreters services.

Please feel free to contact our office for more information:

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Your Translations

Today the need for translations is increasing. This is due to the rapidly advancing globalisation and the new opportunities to open branches or offices abroad. It is therefore of utmost importance that translations and interpretations are accurate and correct. A translation containing mistakes simply cannot be accepted. However, with our many years experience in the translation industry we work with translators from all over the world who we can rely on to deliver the highest quality translations. Many of these translators have certain subject areas which they are particularly familiar with. We always try to assign your project to someone who specialises in your relative subject area. Therefore we ask you to let us know what type of text you would like translated when you get in contact with us.

Language Service

Translation Dutch English, Dutch Translator, Translations Dutch Interpreters

Our translation company also offers professional translations from Dutch into the following languages:

Dutch -> German Translations
Dutch -> Spanish Translations
Dutch -> French Translations
Dutch -> Italian Translations

Dutch - English / English - Dutch Translations


Although translating is a job which must be learned, practiced and trained, translations can quickly end up in the hands of people who are anything but experts. A translator must have had the right training. Our translation agency works exclusively with translators who translate into their native languages and of course have a perfect command of the source language. The translated text will subsequently be given to a second translator to be proof-read. With us you can have high demands - we are convinced we will be able to fulfill these.

Native speaker translators

In our large network of employees we have English - Dutch as well as Dutch - English translators, who live in various countries and who are always happy to help you. We guarantee you will receive a high-quality translation.

Our translators all have internationally recognised translation qualifications, years of experience in their job and always translate into their native languages, whether it is a translation from English - Dutch or Dutch - English. In addition, upon completion the translations are checked again from an independent proof-reader.

In order to make you an offer we require the following information:

  • Source and Target Language
  • Length of text or the test in a marketable format
  • Order and requested date of delivery
  • Desired final format and aims and objectives of the text

In the case of languages which are spoken in more than one country (like English), please let us know the exact country (USA, England, Ireland) so that regional differences can be taken into account.

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Translation Dutch English, Dutch Translator, Translations Dutch Interpreters