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Danish Translations and Interpreting

Good translators and interpreters are hard to come by. However, we know just the right people who can and are willing to share this experience and knowledge with you. Our main task is to choose the professional from our global network who is most appropriate for your translation.

Simply call us and let us know what type of translation you need translated (subject area, source language, target language etc). The more information you give us about your project the more chance we have of providing you with the best translator for you.

Please feel free to contact our office for more information:

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Translation Service

In order to provide you with a perfect translation we only with work translators who work into their native language. If you would like an English - Danish translation then we can find you a Danish translator who has grown up with the language and who obviously has a good knowledge of the English language.

In order to be certain that the translation you recieve is correct, it is given to a second translator to proof-read.

Professional Translators

Translation Danish English, Danish Translator, Translations Danish Interpreters

As far as official documents are concerned, e.g product descriptions or instruction manuals for equipment you want to sell on the international market, it is particularly important that these translations are 100% accurate. Benefit from our language services - you will not be disappointed and language barriers should no longer stand in the way of your international success.

Our translation agency also deals with translations from English into the following languagaes:

English -> German translations

English -> Spanish translations

English -> Italian translations

General Information about Danish


Danish belongs to the North Germanic languages, which is a sub-group of the Germanic languages within the group of Indogermanic languages. Danish is spoken as a native language by around 5.5 million people, the majority of whom live in Denmark. Moreover Danish is an official language in the former Danish colonies and in semi-autonomous regions in Greenland and in the Faroe Islands. In Iceland, which belonged to Denmark until 1944, Danish is also taught in schools as a second language. Furthermore, Danish is one of the official languages of the EU.

Our Danish translators and our project managers specialise in a range of various subject areas. As a large translation agency, we have a world-wide network of employees who work with the English - Danish language combination and specialise and areas of expertise e.g. the car industry, banking system, construction, biotechnology,chemistry, IT, food industry, aeronautical engineering, software, telecommunications, insurance industry. Obviously we also have a number of professionals who specialise in legal documents, advertising or financial texts.


Origins of the Danish Language

Danish began to develop in the 13th century as an independent language when it began to differentiate itself from the Norse languages. The first Danish translation of the bible in 1550 then played a significant role in the developement of the Danish language. This text established an individual Danish orthography for the first time.

Danish is closely connected to Swedish and together both languages make up the group of East Scandinavian languages. Both have emerged from Old West Norse. It was only after 1100 that both languages began to separate from each other. Danish used to be spoken in some regions in the North East of England, which were colonised by the vikings. Some Danish words are consequently still used in England today e.g. in the Yorkshire dialect.

Denmark has given birth to a few famous authors; some of the most well-known are the existentialist philospoher Søren Kierkegaard, the storyteller Hans Christian Andersen and the dramatist Ludvig Holberg. Three 20th century writers have even won the Nobel Prize in literature : Karl Adolph Gjellerup, Henrik Pontoppidan (both 1917) and Johannes Vilhelm Jensen (1944). ÄÖÜ

Summarised from various sources.

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