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Contact and Legal Note

Are you looking for a competent partner for any kind of translations or interpreting services? We will be happy to offer you selected translators or interpreters who will carry out your translation professionally. Get in contact with us via the telephone number or email address below and we will provide you with a customised offer. We will also happily stay in contact with you during the order processing.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

1. Content of the offer online

The author assumes no responsibility for the relevance, correctness, completeness or quality of the information given. Liability claims against the author, which apply to material or non-material damages caused by the use or disuse of the information presented i.e. through the use of flawed or incomplete information are excluded, provided that no damage was caused by the author deliberately or due to gross negligence. All offers are without obligation and are subject to change. The author has reserved the right to change, amend or to delete parts of the entire offer with separate notice or to adapt the publication.

2. References and Links

In the case of direct or indirect references on foreign internet sites (Links), which are outwith the author's area of responsibility, liability would only come into effect if the author is aware of the contents and it is technically and reasonably possible for him to avoid the use of illegal contents. The author herewith explicitly declares that at the time of placing the links no illegal contents in the linked site were recognised. The author has no influence on the current or future organisation, the contents or the authorship of the linked sites. He therefore herewith distances himself from all contents of all linked sites, which are changed after the links have been set. This statement applies to all links and references set within ones own internet offer as well as for foreign entries in discussion forums and mail listings set up by the author.The supplier of the site alone is responsible for illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and particularly for damages which arise from the use or disuse of such given information.


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3. Copyright and Trademark Law

The author endeavours to observe the copyright law of all graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts in all documents, to use graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts created by himself or to resort to licence free graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts. All brands and trademarks named and when necessary protected through a third party within the internet offer are subject to the regulations of the relative trademark law and the right of ownership of the respective recorded proprietor. The mention alone is not enough to conclude that trademarks are not protected the rights of a third party. The copyright for objects published and created by the author himself remains the author's responsibility. A duplication or use of such graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the explicit agreement from the author.

Data Protection


4. Data Protection

Provided that the opportunity to access personal information exists within the internet offer (email address, name, address) then the disclosure on this information happens on an expressed voluntary basis. The demands and payment of all services offered - as far as technically possible and reasonable - is permitted even without such information i.e. under the specification of anonymous information or a pseudonym.

5. Validity and disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be considered as a part of the internet offer which is referred to on this site. Provided that parts or individual phrases in this text do not, no longer or do not fully comply with the effective legal position, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected from this in their content and their validity.

Data protection statement
Netprofi takes the protection of your personal information very seriously and sticks to the regulations of the data protection law strictly.

Data gathering

You can use our internet offer generally, without disclosung your personal information. If you visit our site you can be sure that any personal information will not be evaluated.

When do we collect and process your personal information?

This only happens if you make this available to us. Netprofi automatically collects and saves information in its Server Log Files, which your browser passes on to us. These are:

  • Browser type/version
  • Operating system used
  • Referrer URL (the site visited before)
  • Hostname of the computer accessed (IP Address)
  • Time of the server enquiry

This information is only for Netprofi and is not for a specific person and a summary of this information with other information sources is, in principle, not carried out.

What happens with your personal information in a request for a quote?

If you request a quote for one of our services (by email, telephone or fax) we reserve the right to allow your request to be handled by a business with whom we work with trustingly and which work with the same data protection regulations i.e. takes utmost care when handling your personal information.

Right of access to personal data:

What are your rights in relation to your saved data? Obviously it is possible for you to access your information which we have saved at any time. You equally have the right to prohibit us from using this information in the future. Should you want your personal data frozen, deleted or amended then please get in contact with us directly.

How safe is your information with us?

Our site works with professional and above all current technical and organisational security measures in order to protect your personal information as best as possible. This should avoid your data being manipulated. Access to personal data by a third party is therefore not possible. Unfortunately there is not a 100% guarantee that your information will not be seen by unauthorised persons. It is therefore particularly important that you send us your documents and requests secured and electronically signed.
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English Translations. Translations Translating and Interpreting Services French Italian