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English Bulgarian Translators/Bulgarian Interpreters

If your company or your organisation is looking for a professional English Bulgarian translator or interpreter then contact our translation agency! We can help you succeed!

Nowadays good translators and interpreters for English into Bulgarian are really hard to find. That is why we have created a global network of professionals with whom our translation company has been working for many years and whom we can rely on. Moreover they are all experts in their respective fields and have additional qualifications, which allows them to produce perfect English - Bulgarian translations, both in terms of content and language. When it comes to first-class Bulgarian - English translations then we are the ones!

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Your Translations

Today English - Bulgarian and Bulgarian - English interpreters and translators are vital if your company wants to be successful on the international market. In public and private spheres there is a growing need for translators and our translation company can provide you with the ones you need! Our Bulgarian - English and English - Bulgarian translators are all specialised in certain fields. Whether it is Bulgarian / English or any other language combination you require, we can help you. Our translation company, like other translation agencies, is happy to hear from you, no matter what type of text it is, e.g. technical, legal, or medical because our translators for Bulgarian - English all have additional qualifications as well as their translating/interpreting qualifications.

Experienced Translators

English Bulgarian Translation Services / Agency Translator, Translations Bulgarian Interpreters

Each translation from English into Bulgarian has its own individual difficulties. In order to produce a good translation the translator must not only have a perfect command of the target language, but also a good knowledge of the subject area of the translation. Interpreters must be flexible and be able to change from one language to another in a matter of seconds. These skills are the requirements for a good English - Bulgarian or Bulgarian - English translation or interpretation and we make sure all our professionals are up to this standard. Amateur Bulgarian - English translations or English - Bulgarian translations can seriously damage your reputation. Therefore you can trust our translation agency to provide you with the best Bulgarian translators and interpreters in the industry.

General Information about Bulgarian


Bulgarian is an Indo-European language and belongs to the South Slavic group of languages. Today it is spoken by around 9 million people, most of whom live in Bulgaria (around 7.5 million). Other countries where Bulgarian is spoken include Greece, Romania, Macedonia and Turkey. Macedonian is the closest language to Bulgarian. The Eastern Bulgarian dialects and the Western Macedonian dialects form a linguistic continuum.

History of the Bulgarian Language

Old Bulgarian (9th - 11th century), which is also called Old Church Slavic, was the language used by Saints Cyril and Methodius to translate the bible and other literary works. Middle Bulgarian language (12th -15th century) was a language rich in literary activity and innovation. Modern Bulgarian can be traced back to the 16th centruy.The Bulgarian which is spoken today is based on a standardised form of the 19th century national language.

Old Bulgarian was the first Slavic language which also had a literary language. Today the Bulgarian language is written in the cryllic alphabet.

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English Bulgarian Translation Services / Agency Translator, Translations Bulgarian Interpreters